Stay Alive – Simon Kernick


ONE WITNESS: You’re on a trip with your family, miles from anywhere. A shot rings out – and your whole life changes in an instant.

ONE SECRET: A woman is racing towards you, chased by three gunmen. Although you don’t know it, she harbours a deadly secret. She’s in terrible danger. And now you are too.

NO ESCAPE: You’re running, terrified, desperate to find safety. You know that the men hunting you have killed before.

And if they catch you, you’ll be next …


This book is absolutely crammed full of twists and turns. Some I saw coming and some I most certainly didn’t.

The pace, language and characters were all very believable and realistic. I felt compelled to read on, a real page turner of a story.

The ending was executed perfectly for me, not too long or too rapid of a conclusion and the last paragraph was perfect.

I really enjoy Kernick’s writing style and will certainly be picking up more of his collection in the future.

A solid 5/5 and a recommend from me!

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