The Ends of The Earth – Abbie Greaves


Some love stories change us for ever.

For the last seven years, Mary O’Connor has waited for her first love. Every evening she arrives at Ealing Broadway station and stands with a sign which simply says: ‘Come Home Jim’.

Commuters might pass her by without a second thought, but Mary isn’t going anywhere. Until an unexpected call turns her world on its head.

It will take the help of a young journalist called Alice, and a journey across the country for Mary to face what happened all those years ago, and to finally answer the question: where on earth is Jim?


I really enjoyed this story. It was a love story and mystery all wrapped up in one. It kept me guessing what was going to happen right until the end and I felt such a strong connection to the characters.

I was very invested in Mary and her story right from the beginning. I also bet much enjoyed how it was all tied up!

The dialogues, settings and situations were all so believable… 5/5 would recommend!

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