2020 Wrap Up and Looking Forward to 2021

In 2020 I read 189 books – 39 more than my reading challenge goal. My average rating was 3.7 stars out of 5 (which I thinks pretty good to be honest🤩)

My average book length was 308 pages. The shortest (Dear Girl by Aija Mayrock) at 128 pages and longest (I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes) at 894 pages.

The most popular book I read (according to Goodreads) was the ‘Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins and the least popular ‘Winging It’ by Anna Jefferson.

I’ve been thinking forward to my 2021 reading goals/challenge…and this is what I’ve got so far:

  •  175 books read in total
  •  100 buddy reads with my book besite @girlnovelliving
  •  All the books in my 21 for 2021 photo
  •  At least 6 non-fictions
  •  At least 6 classics
  •  At least one Agatha Christie a month
  •  At least one female + male author a month
  • At least 2 Netgalley’s a month.

How did you do with your reading goals this year? Do you have any reading challenges your setting yourself for next year?


  1. Wow – 189 books, I’m lucky I made it to 28 haha. A great achievement! I always try to read classics but the only ones I’ve enjoyed are To Kill A Mockingbird and 1984, all the others have been bland. I do want to try and read others though, not quite ready to give up on them just yet! I think I just want to read more in 2021, without setting too high of a goodreads goal because that’s a recipe for failure for me haha. Great post!

    Best Wishes & Happy New Year,
    – Lucy Rambles x

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    1. Thank you, I read really quickly and it’s pretty much the only thing I do so I can manage to squeeze lots in! I’m not ready to give up on the classics just yet but I’ll be surprised if I find any I really LOVE y’know! Thank you, happy new year to you too. Let’s hope it’s better than 2020🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽


      1. I wish I could read quickly, my brain can’t process things fast enough haha. I hope you manage to, I’m starting to feel my school English Lit classes might have started my dislike for the classics that I’ve never quite been able to shake. Yes, let’s hope for a better year!

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  2. I need to cut my NetGalley down! It’s not too bad at the moment, under 20 and I’ve stopped requesting so I should be able to catch up on that easily. I also want to read more classics! I’m thinking of tackling Les Miserables.

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    1. Oooh that is one I’d love to read too! This year I hosted Netgalley November with a friend where we aimed to tackle the back list with some sprints and groups etc. Will likely do again this year, you should join ♥️


  3. You did really well ready so much this year. Your reading goals for 2021 sound great. Doing 100 buddy reads sounds amazing! The only reading goal I set for myself currently is to read as many of my own books as possible while limiting the new books I purchase, which I did pretty well within 2020.

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