#TsundokuSquad – Introduction

The #tsundokusquad is a group of us who have fallen together on Twitter. We are a friendly bunch who love talking about books (and a lot of other nonsense too!). We have 13 members (which happen to all be female). All of which live in the UK except for Amanda, who lives over in the US (but we still love her!).

Our aim is to read a book each month, discuss it and have fun while doing it! We have already picked out our books for January, February and March. ‘Love at the Northern Lights’ by Darcie Boleyn is our January pick. We’re revisiting and old classic with ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte for February and ‘Paris by Starlight’ by Robert Dinsdale, is our March read.

I’ll write a post at the end of every month to let you know what we all thought of that months book!

Now all that is left to do is introduce all our members:

Em (that’s me) – I live in Devon and when I can pull myself away from staring at my rainbow bookshelves or work, my favourite way to spend a day is under a blanket reading a good crime/thriller book. My favourite book of all time is Matilda (but whose isn’t). When I’m not reading I enjoy exploring Dartmoor.

Kath (@BooksKathv & KathvBooks) lives in South Wales and is a Bookseller. Her favourite book of all time is Pride and Prejudice. Her long standing favourite genre is Crime although she has recently been reading a lot more translated fiction and books from small independent publishers. When Kath isn’t reading, she is most likely to be found either gardening or taking photos for her Instagram page.

Lucy (@BWormBlogger & Bookworm Blogger) is from Swindon, spends her days drinking endless amounts of tea whilst looking after 2 children. She loves historical fiction and crime but is always open to try new genres. When not doing the above Lucy runs her own Piano Teaching Business.

Kate (@TheQuickandthe4 & The Quick and The Read) is from Cheshire. She is a Mum, book blogger and teacher with a particular love for historical and crime fiction – even better if is crime fiction set in the past! Favourite book is potentially A Room with a View by E M Forster, but equally possible to be Polo by Jilly Cooper! She has a self-declared problem with Fruit Gums.

Amanda (@AGirlReads & Two Bookish Babes) is our token American. Her favourite genre is historical fiction. She loves nothing more than to read and drink a mocha latte or tea. When she isn’t reading she’s off playing with her toddler, planning or bookstagramming.

Lisa (@GirlNovelLiving & Girl Novel Living) is a bookworm from Essex, who has a physical TBR pile which might have consumed her. We like to check in on her to see she still have space left in her room for air. Lisa’s loves nothing more than reading a good thriller with wine and olives.

Gemma (@GemmasBookshelf & Gemma’s Bookshelf) is from Greater Manchester and her favourite genres are young adult, mystery and thriller. If her black cat lets her, she enjoy nothing more than cosying up with a good book and a tasty hot chocolate.

Sarah (@SarahFaichney) is from Scotland and read a whopping 210 books in 2020, wiping the floor with the rest of us! She is usually reading about 5 books at any one time, across all genres. Favourite book of all time is Wild Swans by Jung Chang. When not reading Sarah enjoys; writing, theatre, music, lipstick and cheese.

Janet (@Janet36156220 & Two Heads are Better than One) is a mum, wife and book addict from Durham. She mainly reads crime and thrillers but also enjoys historical fiction, all with a dark choccie digestive or three. When not reading, Janet runs a small business making personalised guest books and photo albums.

Dee (@GeorgieDeeDee & Dee’s Book Blog) is a book loving, tattooed mum of two from Newcastle. Her favourite book of all time is Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart and she recommends it to anyone who will listen. Another favourite hobby of Dee’s is devouring all that Netflix has to offer.

Emma (@EHawkes7 & emmah loves books) is a mum of two from Stroud slowly trying to get through her never ending TBR. She will try and enjoy most genre except for Horror; as a self-confessed scaredy-cat, this is one she avoids.

Bex (@boysbex) is a mum to three very loud boys and a part time student, it’s a miracle she gets any reading done at all. Her favourite genres are thrillers, crime, historical fiction but will give anything except horror (another self-confessed wimp). She loves hiding in the bath with a G&T and a book where the boys can’t get her!

Wendy (@WendyReadsBook1) is also from Devon, a mum of two teens and a full time teaching assistant. Her favourite genre is Historical Fiction and her favourite book of all time is the Book Thief. An important rule is that she must have a cuppa’ when reading at all time.

Please go pay all these lovely ladies blogs/twitters a visit – they are all lovely people and create some great bookish content!!


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