Rescue Me – Sarra Manning


Margot and Will cross paths at the local dog rescue centre where – after a series of misunderstandings and a lot of consternation – they agree to foster Blossom (a staffy with a giant head, soft, floppy ears and kohl-rimmed brown eyes) together: one week on, one week off.

Margot and Will don’t get off to the best of starts: he thinks Margot is demanding and needy and Just So Much. And she thinks Will is emotionally unavailable, slightly brittle and very mistrustful. They’re both right.

But the more they bicker, the worse Blossom behaves, and they realise they have to form some sort of truce in order to dog-parent (or “pawrent” as Margot calls it, to which Will rolls his eyes) her together. It’s almost as if Blossom has plans of her own…


A story involving romance and a rescue dog was bound to capture my heart which is why I jumped at the chance to be on the tour for this wonderful book and it did not disappoint.

I really enjoyed this book, the character development was an unexpected bonus for me (it was SO much more than a flat romance). It covered some quite deep topics in Will and Margot’s past, but dealt with them quite well.

I, of course, was blown away by love for Blossom and how she clearly was the star of the book, obviously always getting her way! I loved her little personality and how it shone through, it was written very well.

Overall it was a fun, easy to read romance which tugged at all of my heart strings. Definitely a contemporary romance i’d recommend to you especially if you love dogs! I have rated it a strong 4 out of 5 stars.

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