The Promise – Lucy Diamond


When faced with the sudden death of his brother, Dan’s mission is clear. He puts together a project to help pick up the pieces and support his grieving sister-in-law Zoe, plus her young children. This is Dan’s promise – to ensure his family’s happiness, and to try and live up to the man his brother was. 

But tying up loose ends brings a shocking secret to light, and calls into question everything Dan knew about his older brother. With more than just his promise on the line, Dan is faced with an ultimatum: Should he tell the truth and risk his family’s fragile happiness, or will his brother’s secrets end up becoming his own?


I was very lucky to receive a copy of this beautiful book advance of it being published tomorrow (18th February) in exchange for an honest review…

I really enjoyed this book and in particular the journey Dan went on. It was very relatable and easy to read; I devoured the whole thing in two sittings!!

There were parts of the story that I found were a little unrealistic but once you move past those, I adored the main message.

The ending was particularly well done in my opinion, it wrapped everything up beautifully and even had me share a tear on the last page!

I rated this book a 4/5 and would recommend!

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