Truth or Dare – M J Arlidge


A crimewave sweeps through the city and no one is safe. 

A murderous arson attack at the docks.
A brutal carjacking in a deserted car park. 
A fatal hammer attack in a lonely country park.

Crimes without motive, without suspects, without leads.

Each crime is a piece of a puzzle – with many more pieces still to come. And as they gradually fall into place, Detective Inspector Helen Grace comes to realise just how twisted and devious this web of crime is – and how impossible it will be to stop it . .


As always Arlidge managed to bring you back up to speed seamlessly and it was like I’d just finish the previous one in the series again.

The plot of this book is intricate, carefully planned and expertly executed. Another fantastic instalment in the series!

It’s less twisty than some of the others in this series have been that did not mean it was any less spectacular. It was still the writing style that fans have grown to love, the short sharp chapters, the multiple points of view, the clear cut storylines.

Ending on a mini-cliff hanger, I already need more Helen Grace in my life.


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