Let’s Talk About Christmas Books – is it too early?

How early is too early to start talking about and reading/reviewing Christmas books??

I’ve started to notice lots of arc copies and netgalley releases the last few weeks which are clearly Christmas books.

I know that the whole idea of arcs and early reader copies for review is to get publicity and reviews ahead of release dates and clearly you need this prior to December to get interesting December.

Now don’t get me wrong I love a Christmas book from November onwards…

However, for me it feels a little odd to be reading and being asked to review Christmas books in August!

Am I alone in this?

Below are the nine Christmas books I’ve already received in 2021. They all look amazing, but holding off…for now! And that’s not to mention all the Christmas books I didn’t manage to read last year (NetGalley and other!!)

Are you even a Christmas book person?

I never used to be until my bestie introduced me to some really good ones. Last year my favourite was by Milly Johnson ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’

Drop me a comment and let me know your favourite Christmas book?


  1. I’m definitely with you on not reading Christmas Books until at least November. I don’t tend to read many of them at all and I’m certainly not requesting anything from Net Galley that mentions the word in the title.

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