A Killer In The Family – Gytha Lodge


Aisling’s two sons, Ethan and Finn, mean everything to her. Ever since becoming estranged from her own parents, though, she’s always felt like a piece of herself is missing.

Desperate to find answers – about her family, and herself – Aisling uploads her DNA to an ancestry website, and is thrilled when it finds a match.

But instead of finding answers, she comes face to face with Detective Jonah Sheens. Aisling’s DNA is a match for a recent crime scene – the latest in a string of murders by a dangerous serial killer, known as ‘the bonfire killer’. And the police have three lead suspects: her father, or one of her two sons…


Admittedly this is the first one I’ve read of this series. However it didn’t seem to take away from the enjoyment of the story.

It might have helped to have the more of the back stories behind the characters, but that’s on me. I’ll likely go back now and read the ones before.

The book is fast paced and twisty but with enough of a trail left along the way to be able to figure out aspects and follow the investigation. Nothing worse (in my opinion) then when the killer turns out to be someone you’ve never met before…

The book was a good length and the dialogues and situations were all perfectly believable.

I need to get over how the ending was left a little open, as after all, it’s a series.

Overall I’m giving this one a 4/5.

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