Emandherbooks Recommends: Romance Books

This is my second Emandherbooks Recommends post, and this time I thought I’d focus on romance books. At least, what ‘romance books’ means to me. The following books I have really loved and would recommend if you’re looking for a little love in your life. Disclaimer, obviously there are millions of romance books out there so these are just a few of the ones that I’ve read, enjoyed and are currently on my mind. I’m sure I will do many more of these posts…

Rebecca Searle – In Five Years

This books is an exceptional read which I would recommend to everyone without exception. It is certainly one you wouldn’t want to read in public (unless crying in a coffee shop is your style!). It is a truly unforgettably story, which reminds us of the power of loyalty and friendship.

The Sight of You by Holly Miller

If you like me are very illogical and sometimes struggle with fantasy (time travel, visions, powers etc) do not be dissuaded by this one.. if you can push past the main concept, this book is an incredibly story which comes together so perfectly!!! – or at least I think it does… I read the last 20 pages or so absolutely sobbing my eyes out!! I cannot emphasise just how beautiful this book is!

Jenny Colgan – The Little Bookshop on the Shore

This book is a an easy breezy read in which the characters undergo substantial journeys. There are lots of different elements to keep you on your toes and is one of MANY books written by Jenny Colgan that are fabulous.

JoJo Moyes – Me Before You Series

This entire series is wonderful. It is incredibly emotional and beautifully written. It touches some very difficult topics and shows incredibly strength and courage. I would highly recommend this trio and any of JoJo’s oher work for that matter.

Christie Barlow – Love Heart Lane Series and Starcross Manor

I’ve read a few of Christie Barlow’s books now and each one leaves me with the same warm fuzzy glow after reading. They are the perfect easy reading romance books. They flow effortlessly with light topics, interesting characters and the perfect balance of ‘drama’. She has written many more than these three below and would recommend you checking out her whole collection.

Lindsey Kelk – I Heart Series

This series is truly fabulous. It is romantic, funny, interesting and full of strong friendships. With each book being set somewhere different, it keeps you on your toes and fully invested in the characters journeys. I won’t give too much away but you should definitely consider picking up this series if you haven’t already.

Sophie Kinsella – The UnDomestic Goddess

Like most of the authors in this post, Sophie has penned and incredible amount of books, most of which are fantastic. This one however, I particularly enjoyed and wanted to recommend in isolation. It is more than just a romance, it is a story about self-discovery and self-worth and it is well worth a read.

Rosie Walsh – The Man Who Didn’t Call

The main premise of the book grabbed me immediately as naturally I was intrigued to know why he didn’t call. This book has an excellent twist which I did not see coming at all. There is such heartache and many difficult decisions which will have you wishing you weren’t reading it in public. A truly beautiful story.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, this is just a tiny tiny percentage of the romance books I’ve read and would recommend let alone the vast amount out there I haven’t read yet. So rest assured there will be plently more posts like this to come!

If there is a particular genre of books you’d like recommendations on, get in touch.


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